A Brief Introduction to Flow's Notification Services

Flow makes use of Notification Service plug-ins to send messages.  Think of a Notification Service as a mechanism to deliver a message to an “external” system (e.g. an email system).  The Notification servers are listed under the “Message Integration” section of the “Messaging” configuration panel in the Flow Config tool.


The Notification Services available to deliver your messages include:

A message definition must have at least one Notification Server assigned to it.  Before we can assign a Notification Server to a message, we will need to configure one. 

Note: Refer to the different articles for each of the Notification Servers to configure one or more Notification Servers.

Once you've configured at least one Notification Server, go to your Message Configuration and expand the “Notification Services” section:


A notification server can be added to a message’s “Notification Services” panel by dragging the required service from the “Notification Servers” section in the config tool.  A message can be sent to more than one Notification Service.

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