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Slack is a cloud-based messaging solution focused on team collaboration.

Right-click the “Notification Servers” in the Message Integration view and select “New”, then “Slack”:



Before you can configure the “Slack” Notification Service, you will need to create your own Slack account and Workspace (see  Once you have a Slack Workspace, you will need to create a Slack "app" that can be used by Flow.  This can be achieved by following the steps described below:

Browse to  This will load the landing page of your workspace’s custom apps.



Select the “Create New App” button to launch the create app procedure.  Name your custom app “Flow” and select your workspace from the drop-down selection.  Click "Create App".



On the App configuration page, there are a few things you need to set:

Basic Information

Scroll down to "Display Information" and update your app's description and icon:



OAuth & Permissions

Scroll down to Scopes and add the following Bot Token Scopes:


Scroll back to the top of OAuth & Permissions, and click "Install App to Workspace"


Once you have installed the Flow App to your Workspace, you will notice that a "Bot User OAuth Access Token" has been created and is available to copy from the OAuth and Permissions section.  The token should start with "xoxb-" to denote that it is a Slack "bot" token, rather than a "person" token.  This is the "Bot Token" you will require to complete the configuration of the Slack Notification Service in your Flow configuration.


Copy the bot token for your app and paste it into the Flow Slack Notification Service "Bot Token" property:


Before you can use your Slack Notification Service in Flow, you must add your new App to the Slack channels that it needs to write messages to.  Go back to your Slack application, select the channel that you want to access, select "Details", select "More" and then click "Add apps":


Search for your "Flow" app and click the "Add" button to give it access to your channel.

Now go back to your Slack Notification Service configuration and click "Test" (note: you will need to have internet access for the test to work):


When creating a message, the Slack Notification Service can now be linked to your message by dragging it to the “Notification Services” section of your message.  The "Channel ID" drop-down box will query Slack for all the channels you have added your "Flow" app to.  Select the channel you would like to send your messages to.


Note: An Internet connection is required to complete the configuration as the specific channels must be browsed to assign to your message.
Make sure your message is deployed, and then test it by right-clicking in the "Message Triggers" section and selecting "Trigger Now".
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