Notification Service - Flow Mobile

Flow Mobile is an app that runs on iOS or Android. Flow Mobile is a collaborative messaging app that allows channel subscribers to interact with each other and receive messages from Flow Systems via “Flowbot”.

Right-click the “Notification Servers” in the Information Model and select “New” then “Flow Mobile”:


When creating a new “Flow Mobile” Notification Service in Flow, you will need to provide the following details: 

  • Name
Set this to a name that describes the Flow Mobile system.
  • Domain Mask
Flow Mobile authorizes users via their email address. This mask will only allow messages to be sent to users that have an email address that uses this domain. This property can be a comma-separated list of domains. At least one domain mask must be specified.


Note: The Flow Mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android only. Please search “Flow Software” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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