Configuring Flow's Message Engine

The Flow “Message Engine” is responsible for compiling message content and initiating a “Notification Service” to deliver the content to the specified recipient, either via email, SMS, instant messaging, or Flow Mobile.

A Notification service will be started for each of the different notification services configured in Flow.

The Flow Message engine can be managed in the Deployment view of the configuration environment.


Right-clicking on the Message engine will show the context menu to deploy/undeploy it.  The Engine must be deployed to generate and send notifications.


Note: A common oversight when configuring messages is to forget to deploy the Message Engine!  If your messages appear to be configured correctly, but they are not being Compiled, check whether your Message Engine is deployed.


Message Engine Properties

Double-click on the “Message Engine” to access its properties:

  • Description
Description for the message engine.
  • Poll (seconds)
Cycle time of the engine to process and send new messages.
  • Server Key
Security token to generate dashboards and charts against the Flow Server (see image and note below)



Note: See the section What is a Flow Server Key, how do I create one, and where do I need to use it? for more information on generating a server key to be utilized by the Message Engine.
A server key will be required if security has been applied to the Folder structure of your embedded Dashboard or Chart in the message definition.
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