Working in the Model View

The model view can be accessed by selecting the “Model” tab on the bottom left of the Flow Config Environment.


Building the Flow model is performed by right-clicking in the model view and selecting the structural element required:


The menu allows a number of options:

  • New Folder
Create a new Folder to group elements in your model
  • New Event
Create a new Event definition
  • New Metric
Create a new Metric to contain Measures
  • Rename
Rename any object in your model
  • Delete
Delete an object in the model
  • Move Up
Reorder folders to provide an accurate representation/model of your facility
  • Move Down
Reorder folders
  • Refresh
Refresh the model

Note: You can also use the Flow Zone toolbar to drag new objects onto your model

The result would be a model of your production facility. The model below is an example of a structure as per the “Juice Factory” Flow instance that you build in the Flow Training Tutorials.


Note: The Model can also be expanded by means of instantiating Templates. Model icons with a green hue means that they are instantiated from a template in the Template Tab.



Right-click on one of the template-linked (instantiated) folders, and you'll note that there are additional menu items … 


The menu options include:

  • Show Template
Highlight this object’s parent template in the Template View
  • Delink From Template
Delink the instance from its parent template, creating a stand-alone object


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