Notification Service - Twilio SMS

Twilio is a web-service that provides bulk messaging.  The “Twilio” Notification Service makes use of the SMS (Short Message Service) Twilio API.  The “Twilio” Notification Service does not support Flow message segments that use attachments (i.e. report or dashboard images).

Right-click the “Notification Servers” in the Message Tab, select “New”, then “Twilio SMS”:


In order to use the “Twilio” Notification Service, you will need to create your own Twilio account at  For testing purposes, Twilio offers a limited number of free SMS messages, thereafter, you will need to pay for the Twilio service.

Note: In order to send messages from your Twilio account, you will need to create a “sender” Twilio number.  This number can be bought from Twilio based on the country of use.  In addition, each recipient’s number must be verified in Twilio as a “Verified Called ID” using the recipient’s name and number.

When creating a new “Twilio” Notification Service in Flow, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
Set this to a name that describes the Twilio system.
  • Account SID
Set this to the 34 character Twilio account ID.
  • Auth Token
Set this to the authentication token provided by Twilio for your account ID.
  • Sender
Set this to the “sender” number you bought from Twilio.

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