Notification Service - Bulk SMS

BulkSMS is a web service that provides bulk SMS messaging.  The “BulkSms” Notification Service does not support Flow message segments that use attachments (i.e. report or dashboard images).

Right-click “Notification Servers” in the Message Tab, select “New” then “Bulk SMS”:


In order to use the “BulkSms” Notification Service, you will need to create your own BulkSMS account at  For testing purposes, BulkSMS offers a limited number of free SMS message credits, thereafter you will need to pay for SMS bundles based on usage.

When creating a new “BulkSms” Notification Service in Flow, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
Set this to a name that describes the BulkSMS system.
  • Username
Set this to your BulkSMS Username.
  • Password
Set this to your BulkSMS Password.

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