Notification Service - File Drop

In some instances, it is still required to save a report as a “soft copy” on a regular basis for audit purposes. The File Drop Notification Service may be used to save messages to a particular file location.

Note: Only charts or dashboards configured in a message will be converted to a pdf document, not the rest of the message content.

The account configured to start the Bootstrap service must have access to the specified file location. The location is specified with its UNC path.

Right-click the “Notification Servers” in the Information Model and select “New” then “File Drop”:


The “File Drop” Notification Service requires the following properties to be set:


  • Name
Set this to a name that describes the UNC File Drop system.
  • UNC Path
Set this to the shared file path to save the file to.

The UNC Path has the concept of place holders that will be replaced by the Flow system:

  • [Name]
This will be replaced by the name of the Chart / Dashboard and the timestamp of when the chart was generated.
  • [TimeStamp(‘yyyy-MM-dd’)]
This will be replaced by the required date formatting supplied. This can be used to give structure to your file naming convention. The notification service will try to create a folder if it does not exist.
Note: Test if the bootstrap account has access to create folders and files in the network path specified.
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