Viewing your Dashboard in a web browser

To view your dashboard in your default web browser, right-click on the relevant dashboard in the Information Tab, select “Tasks”, then “Open” …



Alternatively, you can select “Copy Link”, which will copy the relevant URL to your clipboard to be pasted in your supported web browser's address bar to open the dashboard.

Dashboard Settings Panel

Certain aspects of the Dashboard can be changed by accessing the Settings Panel in the Flow Server front end. 

For dashboards, it is possible to change the timestamp of the rendered data to reflect the same dashboard but with values relative to the selected time.

This is great if you want to quickly compare what last week's dashboard looked like in comparison to the current week. Dashboards-ViewDashboards-SettingsPanel.png

Note: Only the end time of the individual chart components will be updated by the timestamp setting. The start time will be calculated as per the period setting of each individual Chart / Form.  Please see The General Configuration Of A Chart In Flow with regard to setting the individual period settings for each Chart, and Time Period Forms - Configuration and  Event Period Forms - Basic Configuration for configuring default period intervals in Forms.

Additional URL Parameters

Hiding the Toolbar

In some instances, such as when a dashboard is displayed on a large screen for visualization purposes only, with no interaction required, it might be desirable to remove access to the toolbar of the dashboard.  This can be achieved by adding the “toolbar=no” parameter to your web URL:


Note: By default, the “toolbar=no” parameter will be added to the URL for Dashboard Loops if the "Copy Link" option is used.

Specifying a Timestamp

You may have a requirement to render a dashboard relative to a specific time period.  This can be achieved by adding the “timestamp=2019-02-01T10:00:00.000Z” parameter to your web URL:


Obviously, you would change the timestamp according to your requirement.

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