Creating Your Flow Dashboard

A dashboard can be created In the “Reports” section by doing a right-click operation on any of the folders structured in you In formation Model. Click “New", then "Dashboard” to create a new Dashboard.


By default, Flow will create a new dashboard prefixed with your folder name as the dashboard name.

Double clicking on the Dashboard will open its Editor.


The Dashboard’s section is a grid canvas which is always 12 blocks wide. By default, Flow displays 7 blocks of height, but the height can be increased by dragging a panel to a larger size.

One can zoom in and out of the Dashboard to see the entire "real estate" if the dashboard has been resized, by using the zoom controls in the top right corner of the canvas.


Dashboard Properties

A Dashboard has the following properties:

  • Panel Padding
This is the amount of padding that should be applied between the different chart items placed on the dashboard. By default, this is set to 5 pixels.
  • Panel Shadow
This will apply a shadow around a Chart element to give it an “elevated” look. By default, this is set to 5 pixels.

Populating Your Dashboard

There are 2 ways that you can add items to your dashboard:

  1. Drag a previously created Report or Form from the Reporting Tab or Forms Tab respectively
  2. Right-Click on the dashboard canvas, select "New" and choose a chart type

The latter option is what we at Flow call the "dashboard first" approach, and is the recommended design approach when creating dashboards.


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