How do I create a Flow Form and what types of Forms can I Create?

Forms can be created in the Forms Tab in the Config Tool.  Forms must be placed in Folders, so ensure that you have created at least one folder before creating a form.

Right-click on a folder and select New > Time Period Form or New > Event Period Form.


These are two types of Forms that can be created:

  • Time Period Form
To enter data based on your calendar settings and measure interval types ie. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, etc. time periods
  • Event Period Form
To enter data for a measure sliced by an event to give more context to the event or to manually create new events and to edit existing event’s start and end times.
You may want to refer to the articles that introduce the concepts of Time Periods and Event Periods

By default, Flow offers to name your form with the word "Form" prefixed by your Folder name.  You can rename the Form by entering your own name at the point of creation, or later you may choose to right-click the Form and Rename (F2) 

Double clicking on the Form will open its editor.  The editors are slightly different between Time Period and Event Period forms and you can learn more about these editors in the relevant articles.

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