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Canary Historian

The Canary Enterprise Historian from Canary Labs is the platform that acquires and stores large volumes of data generated from process applications.

To create a connection to the Canary Data Source: Right-click on the Data Sources group, then click “Canary”, and then select “Canary Historian”.


To successfully retrieve data from a Canary Historian data source, the following properties need to be set.


  • Name (String)
Name to identify the data source.
  • Server (String)
Location of the Canary Historian. This can be the local server name or the cloud hosted endpoint address (Server Name, IP Address or URL).
  • Historian Type (Dropdown)
Locally hosted (With Anonymous or Local Security enabled) or Cloud based. The Local Historian option also caters for Anonymous or Security Enabled connections. If the Security Enabled connection is selected, the username and password fields will be visible.
  • Port (Int)
Port number of your Canary Historian, default 55234.
  • Username (String)
If security is enabled, supply your Username.
  • Password (String)
If security is enabled, supply your Password.
  • Maximum Concurrent (Int)
Maximum concurrent connection to connect to the Historian to retrieve data, default 4.
Note: Flow will utilize one of your client connections to connect to your Canary Historian.
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