Data Source - Inductive Automation Historian

Inductive Automation Historian

The Tag Historian Module for Ignition allows you to turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag historian.

To create a connection to the Inductive Automation Data Source. Right-click on the Data Sources group, then click “Inductive”, and then select “Ignition Historian”.


To successfully retrieve data from an Ignition Historian data source, the following properties need to be set.

  • Name (String)
Name to identify the data source.
  • Database Type (Dropdown)
Specify if the Ignition database is configured to utilize either Microsoft SQL or MySQL.
  • Server (String)
Location of the Ignition Historian Database (Server Name or IP Address).
  • Database (String)
Name of the Database, default Ignition.
  • Username (String)
SQL authentication Username. If left blank, Windows authentication will be used.
  • Password (String)
SQL authentication Password. If left blank, Windows authentication will be used.
  • Timeout (Int)
Timeout for SQL queries, default 15 seconds.
  • Maximum Concurrent (Int)
Maximum pooling count size for the SQL connection, default 100.
Note: Currently only data stored in a Microsoft SQL database is supported.
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