What does it mean to add Event Context to a Measure, and how do I do it?

In order to achieve the slicing of a Measure by an Event in Flow, an association between the two needs to be configured in the Measure editor.

Open the editor for the Measure that needs to be “sliced”:



Drag the “slicing” Event into the context configuration of the Measure. Notice that a new configuration tab for the context is highlighted. The drop-down menu in this tab will be used to determine how Flow aggregates the individual time slices into a single measure value for the event period.



Note that the aggregation methods that are available for time slice aggregation are a subset of those available for measure aggregation methods.

In the case of event context, the aggregation method configured is applied to every time slice within a time period.

After deploying the changes, selecting the slicing Event context and the diagnostic tab of the sliced Measure, you will notice the value calculated for each event period:




Refer to the section "Creating Charts in Flow" to see how this "Attribute" context can be added and visualised in Flow Charts.

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