Using Attributes - Retrieved Attributes

Retrieved Attributes allow you to add context to your event from a data source, or to automatically generate an Attribute Value for your event. 

In addition to the General Properties applicable to other attribute types, the following properties apply specifically to Retrieved Attributes.

  • Refresh Offset
This property is only applicable to automatically retrieved attributes. Flow will query the data source this many seconds after the attribute segment’s “retrieve point” (see Attribute Segments below). This ensures that the data is captured in the data source before Flow performs any query.
  • Last Retrieval
This property is only applicable to automatically retrieved attributes. This is a read-only property that provides information about when the last successful attribute retrieval processing occurred.

Think of some of the possibilities of using Retrieved Attributes:

  • Retrieve a fault code from a data source when an "Alarm Event" is triggered.  Because you can associate attributes with Enumerations, you can display the fault reason that is associated with the fault code.
  • Retrieve the product number from the data source when a "Batch Start Event" begins.
  • Retrieve the destination vessel number when a "Transfer Event" begins.

Retrieved attributes are made up of one or more Attribute Segments.


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