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Metering Online is a Cloud hosted solution that stores energy-meter information in the cloud. The meter online connector uses web-services to connect and extract data for an energy meter’s data in the cloud.

To create a connection to Metering Online, Right-click on the Data Sources group, then click “Cloud”, and then select “Metering Online”.


To successfully retrieve data from Metering Online, the following properties need to be set.


  • Name (String)
Name to identify the data source.
  • Username (String)
Username to use to connect to the endpoint.
  • Key (String)
Security key to connect to the endpoint.
  • SSL (Dropdown)
Select to use SSL security to connect to the endpoint.
  • Maximum Connections (Int)
Maximum concurrent count for connections, default 1000.


The namespace that will be generated will only display a selection of two options, either to retrieve kWh or kvarh.

Note: it will not list all the meters available for your account. The particular meter serial number required to extract data for must be available to populate in the retrieval section of a measure.


When using the items in the namespace to generate a measure, the meter’s serial number as well as the type of values to be returned must be specified in the retrieval section of the measure.


  • Meter Serial (String)
Serial number of the meter as configured in the Metering Online solution.
  • Value to Return (Dropdown)
Either select reactive energy or kilo Watts hours to be returned.
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