Data Source - Wonderware Online

Wonderware Online is the Cloud based solution of the Wonderware Historian.

To create a connection to Wonderware Online, right-click on the Data Sources group, then click “Wonderware”, and select “Historian Online”.


To successfully retrieve data from Wonderware Online, the following properties need to be set.


  • Name (String)
Name to identify the data source.
  • Authentication Type (Dropdown)
Selection for the type of authentication to use to connect to the online solution.
  • Username (String)
Oracle authentication username. If left blank, Windows authentication will be used.
  • Password (String)
Oracle authentication password. If left blank, Windows authentication will be used.
  • Solution ID Endpoint (Token ID)
Token ID for the specific solution. Please see the Wonderware Online documentation and help files to generate the token ID.
  • Maximum Concurrent (Int)
Maximum concurrent count for Wonderware Online connection, default 20.
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