Configuring your User Profile on the Flow Server using your web browser

Your User Profile is accessed from any of the Flow Server web pages by clicking on the User Profile Icon on the top right of the browser window. 

If no one is signed in the User Profile Icon displays a silhouette of a person, otherwise it will show the initials of whoever is signed in. If you are not signed in, click on the silhouette to sign in using your Windows user account

You will be presented with a "Sign In" dialog.


Note: Signing in allows you to view dashboards, reports and forms that you have access to.  

Enter your credentials and press the Sign In button or hit Enter.  After signing in you are redirected to the Welcome Screen. Clicking on the User Profile button will now show the following options:

  • Profile
This button redirects you to your user profile page.
  • Sign Out
This button will sign you out of the Flow Server.

To edit your user profile you can go to the User Profile page.


The User Profile page lets you edit your friendly display name in Flow, your email address and your mobile phone number.  It also lets you un/subscribe to any available message channels to receive messages when they are triggered.

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