Flow 5.2



5.2.2 Release | Build

Released: November 21, 2019

Important: Please see upgrade instructions in 5.2.0 Release below.

What's fixed?

Version 5.2.2 is a bug-fix update:

  • A bug relating to the handling of trailing spaces in attribute values and enumeration ordinals in the Flow Server event forms has been resolved.
  • A bug relating to the Canary Historian data source not handling null values correctly for the counter retrieval method has been resolved.


5.2.1 Release | Build

Released: November 15, 2019

Important: Please see upgrade instructions in 5.2.0 Release below.

What's fixed?

Version 5.2.1 is a bug-fix update:

Enumeration Group Configuration

  • A bug relating to the deletion of a ordinal (column) in an Enumeration Group has been resolved.
  • A number a small error handling bugs relating to Enumeration Groups and their use in Event Forms have been resolved.

Microsoft SQL Consumer

  • A bug relating to certain characters in an Attribute value (i.e. when used as an operator comment field) causing an exception has been resolved.


5.2.0 Release | Build

Released: November 12, 2019

What's new?

Version 5.2.0 is a functional update focused on the following new features:

NEW: Calculated Event Attributes

  • Event attribute can now be calculated based on an expression you configure.  For example, you may want to evaluate how long an event is taking and as a result set an attribute to "Micro stop" or "Breakdown".

NEW: Flow Server - Event Form Enhancements

  • Sometimes you'd like to restrict the dropdown options available for entry based on the value of other attribute selections.  For example, a "Micro stop" event may need to be categorized differently than a "Breakdown" event.  This can now be achieved by configuring an Enumeration Group.
  • Inserting, editing and splitting events is now available in a easy-to-use format.
  • Displaying event duration on an event form is now available.
  • Entering measure values for an event is now available.  For example, you can now manually enter an inventory value, a production run quantity, or a lab analysis value, for a specific event.

NEW: Flow Server - Charting

  • Event based table can now display the event duration, including the duration-to-date for open event periods.
  • A new event "timeline" chart can be used to display your events is a visual timeline.  For example, you can visually indicate where your equipment has been running or not.  Add attributes to the timeline for additional visual information.
  • A new mapping chart can be used to display your information geographically.

NEW: Flow Config

  • Model attributes can be configured with a set of options.  When linking an attribute to a measure, only these options are available for setting that model attribute.  If a model attribute has not options defined, then any value can be provided for that attribute.
  • The measure dependency view now displays any charts that depend on the selected measure. 

What's fixed?

  • A number of small bugs have been fixed in the Flow Config tool
  • A number of small aesthetic bugs have been fixed in the Flow Server charts

Before installation:

  1. Make sure .Net 4.7.1 or higher is installed - download
  2. Make sure .Net Core 2.1 or 2.2 is installed - download
  3. Make sure KB2999226 for your specific OS is installed
  4. Restart your server

If this is a Flow upgrade:

  1. Undeploy all components using existing Flow Config
  2. Stop the Flow Bootstrap Service
  3. Make a note of the Administrative user that is used to run the Flow Bootstrap Service
  4. Perform a Database backup


  1. Run the Flow.msi installer you have downloaded

After Installation:

  1. Set the Flow Bootstrap Service logon details to an Administrative user

If this was a Flow upgrade:

  1. Open Flow Config, select your Flow instance, connect and then accept the migration process when prompted
  2. Deploy all components

If this was a new Flow installation:

1. Open Flow Config and create a new Flow Instance


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