Model Attributes - How do I create them, and how do I use them?

Attributes (better known as Model Attributes) are used to extend Measure objects by adding additional information to a measure’s configuration.


In the above example, 3 attributes have been created, to provide additional information to any measures that these attributes are added to:

  • Material
Describe what material is being measured by a Measure (e.g. product, by-product, waste, etc.)
  • Serial Number
Placeholder for information relating to the physical devices or instruments.
  • Responsibility
Placeholder for information relating to who is responsible for a certain KPI



Options for each model attribute can be configured and will be presented in the form of a dropdown to be selectable when adding this additional metadata to your measures. To add an option, right-click on the specific model attribute and select New > Option


Options can be added and will be presented as a fixed list to select from in the measure configuration.



Once Attributes are defined in the Toolbox, measures may be configured to use these attributes to provide additional information about the measure. 

For example, a weightometer measure may use an attribute to specify its Serial Number for documentation purposes).  This additional information can be displayed on certain report and chart types where required.



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