For how long is data stored in Flow, and how do I clear old/unnecessary Data?

For each calendar that you have configured in Flow, it is possible to enable automatic purging of your data, or even to perform an immediate purge of all data.

To configure either of these options, open the calendar configuration, and expand the Auto-Purge or the Purge Now sections.



Flow has the ability to automatically remove (i.e. purge) old data. This ensures a well maintained system. For example, if we set the minutely time period’s Purge Age to 90, the Engines will automatically remove minutely measures’ data that when that data is older than 90 days. By default the Purge Age for each Time Interval type is set to 0 days, which implies that purging is disabled for that Time Interval.

Note: Purging is recommended for large systems that have accumulated a few years of data. If purging is not configured, your Flow System may perform slowly.

Purge Now


For Flow systems where the auto-purging functionality was not previously configured, and on which the performance has already been impacted, it is possible to perform an immediate purge, using the “Purge Now” functionality.

Note: Purging is an irrecoverable process. It is recommended to create a database backup before performing a Purge Now.

When clicking on the "Purge ...", you will be prompted to enter the Flow Instance name.  This is done to protect you from mistakenly purging all your data. 




After selecting "OK", a text box will appear where you can enter your Flow instance name. Your Flow instance name may be found by selecting the System > Properties menu option.




After entering the instance name in the text box provided, press Enter and the purge will begin. Depending how much data was in your Flow system, the purge may take a while.

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