Why won't my Flow server work?

Normally there are only a few factors that would cause the Flow server from not being operational:

  1. The server had not been deployed
  2. The browser used to open the server is not HTML 5 compatible
  3. A Firewall is blocking the port
  4. A port conflict with another software solution.

The default  port the server will utilize to start on is port 80. Now depending if IIS is enabled on the server as well or any other software that has a web interface a port conflict is highly likely.

The Flow Web Server can coexist with IIS, but the binding option on IIS must be configured not to bind on all the ports and the Flow Server port number must be change. This can be done in the Server's Properties editor:


After the port number had been changed, please ensure to undeploy/redeploy the Flow Server to make sure the new settings take effect.

Also please consult the Windows event viewer to possibly identify additional issues if the recommended steps above does not resolve the issue.

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