Can I configure a Retrieved Measure to retrieve data from more than one Data Source?

Yes you can, and you may have valid reasons for wanting to do so!

For Retrieved Measures, Flow allows more than one Data Source connection to be added to its “Retrieval” properties.


In this example the measure has a connection to the “Historian Simulator” and to the “Planning System”.  The “Historian Simulator” connection uses a specific tag to retrieve an average value.  The “Planning System” connection may use a SQL query to collect a value from a validated data source.

But when would you use this?  Open the “Context” section of a Retrieved Measure and select the “Properties” tab …


Where more than one connection has been linked to a Retrieved Measure, the Refresh Offset properties can be associated with a specific connection.

Let’s discuss a scenario where this would be useful.  Let’s assume a manually validated number in the “Planning System” Data Source is only available at 09h00 every day (maybe it needs to be checked by a person first).  However, the morning shift handover meeting happens at 06h00.  You would like to provide an “initial” value from your “Historian Simulator” tag for the 06h00 meeting, and then when the “Planning System” data is available at 09h00, get that value for your measure.  To do this, you would set the “60” second Refresh Offset to use the “Historian Simulator”, and create another Refresh Offset of “10800” seconds (3 hours) which uses the “Planning System”.  If the value from the “Planning System” at 09h00 is different from the value retrieved from the “Historian Simulator” at 06h00, Flow will create a new version of the measure’s value and set it to “Preferred”, hence making it the value used in reports.

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