How does Flow Messaging Work?

The Flow Messaging System extends the reach of Flow information by pushing configured messages, reports, and/or dashboards to external Notification Services like Email, SMS (Short Message Service), Instant Messaging, File Drop or the Flow Mobile app, either on a scheduled basis, or when an event occurs.

This functionality can be used to notify individuals or groups of people about certain events, or send them certain information periodically.  Using the SMS or Flow Mobile Notification Servers to deliver messages augments the social nature of our smart device lifestyle. Keep your operations managers informed without them having to constantly monitor reports and dashboards!

Flow Messages are defined by the following components:

  • Message Channel
Allows you to group messages by production area, department or even project.  Everyone subscribed (i.e. given access to) a Message Channel will received messages sent by Flow to that channel. See What is a Message Channel?
  • Message Definition
 Context of the message to be compiled.  See How do I define the contents of a Flow Message?


The following components also need to be configured in order to push messages from Flow.  They are discussed in the linked articles:

 By way of reminder, Flow Messages are configured in the Messaging Tab of the Flow Config tool.

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