What is a Flow Server Key, how do I create one, and where do I need to use it?

In the article on configuring your Flow Server, we saw how to configure most properties, except for the "Server Key".

Server keys are used by the Flow Server to authenticate API clients, for example a message engine or another Flow instance.  Keys may be added or revoked. This is done in the Keys tab of the Flow Server properties.



When adding a new key you must enter a description for the key as well as your windows credentials password that you are logged in with.


Once a key is created you will see the following message:


The Flow Server Key information is copied to the clipboard. The key can be pasted in any text editor and saved if needed. It has the following properties:

  • Flow Instance
This is the Flow Instance ID of the current Flow Instance.
  • Server Key
This is the secret API key that is used for authentication.

The Flow Server key will look similar to the following image


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