How do I activate a Message that I've configured and Test that it is working?

After you've configured your message definition, and added at least one Notification Service, you will need to deploy it.   Either click the “Deploy” button at the top of the message editor, or right-click on the message and select “Deploy”:


Once deployed, the Flow Message Engine will automatically manage the scheduling, compiling and sending of messages.

In order to facilitate the testing of your message definition and Notification Services, you can manually trigger a message by right-clicking in the triggers section of a message and selecting “Trigger now”:


Note: Use the Event Viewer on the platform where the Message Engine is deployed to monitor for any message processing errors. See How do I troubleshoot why some of my measures are not Processing? 
Note: When the Message Engine is ready to send a message, it will pass the message and recipient information to the configured Notification Services.  If the Notification Service is unavailable at this time, the Message Engine will not attempt to send the message again.
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