What Placeholders can I use when configuring a database-type Data Consumer?

For all the database-type Data Consumers (currently Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL), queries need to be configured to push information from Flow to the consumer.

As has been mentioned when discussing each of these Data Consumers, the queries may be configured against any configured Calendar or Event contexts that are associated with the measure that you are integrating to the consumer.

There are 4 types of queries that may be configured for each of the contexts:

  1. Value Query
  2. Comment Query
  3. Exception Query
  4. User Query

For each of these queries, there are different placeholder available to use in your queries.  When the Integration Engine prepares to run one of these queries against your Data Consumer, it will first replace the values in the placeholders with the actual values associated with each of these placeholders.

You will find more information on all the available placeholders, by context type, in the following articles:

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