What are all the possible interactions in the Template Tab?

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There are a number of processes associated with templates, most of which are initiated by interacting with the tree view in the Templates tab.  These include:

  • Moving or reordering template entities (template folders, template metrics, template measures)
  • Linking one template entity to another template entity (you can only link an entity to an entity of the same type, i.e. template folders to template folders, template metrics to template metrics, template measures to template measures)
  • Deriving a template entity from another template entity of the same type

To perform any of the above actions, you need to drag & drop entities in the Templates tree view.  At times, you need to hold down the SHIFT key while dragging and dropping.  The below table summarizes the possible interactions with the Templates tree view, and the expected outcome for each interaction type.

When you drag a template entity and hover it over another template entity, the mouse cursor provides an indication of the action that will be performed once you drop the entity.  The different cursors are also shown in this table.


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