How do I create/modify an Event?

Event definitions are created in the Flow Config tool in the Model view by right-clicking on a folder and selecting the new Event menu item. Alternatively, the Flow Zone Event icon can be dragged onto a folder to create a new Event definition.



Double-click on the new Event to open its editor:



 General Properties

  • Description:
Short description of the Event definition
  • Refresh Offset
For “retrieved” triggers, Flow will query the data source up to this many seconds before “now”. This ensures that the data is captured in the data source before Flow performs any query.
  • Backfill:
For “retrieved” triggers and attributes, this is the date and time that Flow will go back to to start querying for start triggers, end triggers and attributes values. If an Event definition is already deployed, click the “Set” button to force Flow to go back to the backfill date specified.


Event triggers are discussed in more detail later.


Event Attributes are discussed in more detail later.


Every event period created by Flow for an Event will generate a unique Index identifier. This Index auto-increments every event period.  If you are using the index to autogenerate Attribute Values, you may want to customize these settings.


There are a few properties that can be defined for an Event’s Index:

  • Initial Value
This is the initial value that will be used the first time the Event is deployed (or, the first value that will be used after an Index “Reset”).
  • Reset using
This specifies the Calendar to be used when applying a “Reset” rule to the Index. Leaving this blank will ensure the Index will never reset.
  • Reset interval
This specifies how often the Index will reset using the above Calendar.


The only property that you can configure here is the "Purge Age".  This is the name of days after which the data related to this event must be purged/deleted from the Flow database.  This includes trigger and all attribute-related data.


By default, the Purge Age is 0, which means that no purging is configured for the event.

Change Log

All changes made to the event will be displayed in the Change Log tab.  By default, only changes made in the past few days are displayed. 


If you wish, you can click the "Search" icon (magnifying glass) and change the Start Date from which change logs must be displayed. 

To refresh the Change Log after changing the start date, select the "Refresh" icon.

It is also possible to copy the displayed logs to the clipboard by using the "Copy" icon.


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