How and why would I add a Location to a Model Folder?

If you have a Flow model with Folders representing different sites in your enterprise, or different units in your site, you can add Locations to these folders.  When visualizing measure values within these folders, certain Flow charts may be configured to include the relevant location information.

Where Flow is used to provide information to a consumer, these location properties may be included.  This is useful if you are integrating your Flow data to a staging database for a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, because you can visualize your Flow information in your BI tool by location (plant/unit/etc.)

To allocate a Location to a Folder, the Location needs to first be created in the Toolbox.

Then,  double-click the Folder to which you wish to allocate the location, which will open its editor.  Set the Location by expanding the drop-down menu and selecting the relevant location.


All folders in the Model View, including child folders, can have their location set.  If a child folder is not explicitly set, it will inherit the location of its parent folder by default.


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