What is a Custom Namespace?

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You may want to use the Custom Namespace functionality to create “shortcuts”, “links” or reusable “templates” within your Data Source.

To create/modify your Custom Namespace, right-click in the whitespace below the Data Source’s namespace and select New > Folder


 Name the folder “My Favorites” …

Now create a new custom "Item" by right-clicking on the folder that you just created "My Favorites" and selecting New > Analog

Name the new item “Water Mains Totalizer”. 


You could configure this custom item to be a “shortcut” or “link” to one of the existing Historian tags.  To do this, right-click on the “Water Mains Totalizer” and select “Edit” (or press F2) to open the custom item’s editor:



The Custom Item Editor will open:



Update the properties of the new item as per your requirements.  For example, you can link this custom item to a data source Tag (an easy way to do this is to drag the “Tag” property of the relevant tag onto the Tag textbox)

You can also select an Aggregation Method that you wish to apply to your tag.  You can also use this custom item just like you would have used any standard Data Source items.  Thus, you are able to perform some data cleansing before you even use your item in a measure's configuration.


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