What if I want to Break the Link to a Template?

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When an entity is derived or instantiated from a template entity, there is an association, or link between that derived/instantiated entity and its template.

Any changes to the template will notify all linked entities that they require an update.

If one needs to remove that association, or break the link, the process of delinking needs to be followed. Delinking is performed by right-clicking the selected entity that one wants to unlink from its template, and selecting the “Delink From Template” option. Using this option delinks the selected entity from its template and also delinks all child entities from their template entities.

It is also possible to delink all entities that are associated with a particular template entity. To do this, right-click on the template entity from which you want to delink any associated entities, and select “Delink All Children”.  With this function, all associated entities are delinked from the selected template entity, but it is not a cascaded function, i.e. any child entities to those being delinked are not also delinked during this process.

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