What do the different Color Indicators in a Flow Form Mean?

At times you may notice that certain cells have colored disk icons in the top left corner. This indicates some additional information about the data point.




The icons are described below:

  • Red Icon (Quality)
This alerts the user that the data retrieved from a data source has a bad quality indicator. Most data sources supply a quality indication of data (Flow uses the OPC qualification for data quality. Any point in the specified time range below a quality setting of 192 will be marked as bad). All data manually entered will be marked as good quality (192).
  • Amber Icon (Version Change)
Whenever there is a cell with a yellow icon, it means that the value has been changed from its original committed value. Thus, these values will have a version greater of 1
  • Grey Icon (Comment)
This indicates that a comment had been added to this version of a data point. Every version of a data point can have its own comments.
  • Triangles (Limit Exceptions)
An upwards or downwards icon will highlight that the value entered has a limit exception. This makes the data capturer aware that the value s/he has entered is out of spec and might need attention.
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