Why can't I see a Form in my Browser?

If you've opened the URL to your Flow Server in your web browser and there are no Forms available for selection in the Index Menu (the menu on the left hand side of the browser windows, opened by selecting the logo for your Flow instance), it could be:

  • That you haven't logged in to your Flow Server.
  • That you have not been granted access to any forms in your Flow system.


In the above image, from the "User" icon in the top right corner of the browser window, you can see that there is no logged in user.  If a user is logged in, you should see the initials of the user, or similar.

If you have entered a URL that ought to take you directly to a specific form, or you are redirecting to a form from a link on another webpage, and you are not signed in, a message will display that "You must be signed in to use this form ..."


If you are signed in, and you can see some forms in the Index Menu, yet you cannot see a particular form that you're looking for, then you have not been granted access to that form.  Contact your Flow administrator to assist you with getting access to the form.


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