Is it possible to configure an event form with a Filter on an Attribute Value?

At times, when working with Event Forms, it may be required to filter what is available to the user to capture on the form.  For example, you may have an event form for downtime allocation, and one of the attributes is used to identify the downtime as a Macro or a Micro Stop.  But if a Micro Stop occurs, you don't require a user to capture a downtime reason, in other words, you would like to filter out the Micro Stop Attribute Value when the form renders by default.

This is possible with Attribute Value Filters.

Attribute Value Filters

Events added to a tab on an event period form may be filtered by a specific Attribute and Attribute Value. 

In the example below, only Filler 1 Run Event periods where the "Product" (Attribute) is "Grape" (Attribute Value) will be displayed by default.


 Filter options are:

  • Include
Will show all events matching the filter value specified
  • Exclude
Will hide all events matching the filter value specified

This configuration only applied to how the form renders on first load.  The filter option can be enabled/disabled from the front end.

Where a specific attribute has a filter applied, a green "filter" icon is displayed next to the attribute name in the column heading.




By clicking on the green filter icon, the event periods that were initially filtered will be visible but masked.  Thus, you can use this to restrict certain forms from capturing certain attribute values only.  Combining this with form security allows you to restrict which users can capture what information.



The reason why Flow allows you see the masked event periods is so that one can make sense of what is happening when interacting with the Event Form.  For example, it is possible to insert events, but only if there is a "time gap" between the event period preceding where you want to insert the event and the next event period.  If a filter is applied, it may not be clearly visible to a user why Flow won't allow them to insert an event, but upon clearing the filter they will notice that they are trying to insert an event between back-to-back events.

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