How do I add Users to my Flow Instance?

On the Model View, select the “Users" tab.  This view allows you to add users and groups to your Flow System.


By default, two groups will be created in the Users section: Administrators and Everyone. These groups cannot be deleted nor renamed.

By default, all new users belong the “Everyone” group. Any users who sign in to the Flow Report Server will be added to the “Everyone” group.


Add a User

Flow makes use of your Active Directory users for permissions.  To add a new user, right-click on a group and select “New User”, then “Windows User”.  Use the “Select Users” dialog box to find one or more users registered on your domain to add to your Flow System.

Flow also makes use of “Message Recipient” users for the Flow Messaging System.  These users are not used for permissions on Reports and Forms.

Add a Group

To add a new group, right-click and select “New Group”.  Edit the name of the group.  In the previous image, the Group named "Engineering" has been added.

Link Users to Groups

Users can be linked to groups by dragging them from the “Everyone” group onto the destination group.  Alternatively, right-click on the destination group and select “New User”.  Users can belong to more than one group.

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