What is an Event Attribute, and what types of Event Attributes can I configure?

Attributes are additional pieces of information that can be associated with each event period created. These additional pieces of information, when associated with event periods and overlaid onto time periods, provide context rich information that support decision making and provide insight.

Attributes can be:

  • Retrieved from a data source
  • Manually entered on an Event Period Form
  • Calculated from other attribute values or event period durations



When creating an attribute, the following general properties can be configured:




  • Description
Short description of the attribute.
  • Enumeration
This attribute property is only applicable to manually entered attributes. When an enumeration is selected on a manually entered attribute, a dropdown selection is provided to a user on the Event Period Form for data capture. If this property is left blank, then a free-text field is provided for the user on the Event Period Form for data capture.
  • Palette
Specifies the palette of colors that will be assigned to the attribute values (e.g. Orange, Apple, Lemon, etc.) associated with each event period. Once an Event has been deployed and its attribute values have been created, clicking on the palette icon opens the attribute value color dialog box. To change the color assigned to an attribute value, drag a color swatch from the palette onto the attribute value.



  • Refresh Offset
This property applies to Retrieved Attributes only.
  • Last Retrieval
This property applies to Retrieved Attributes only.
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