What if I want to perform a Calculation over a range of Time Periods?

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For Calculated Measures, Flow allows calculations to be configured based on a measure’s previous period’s value, or even a previous range of values.

Relative Period

When selecting a dependent measure in a measure calculation, select the “Properties” tab.  Set the “Dependent” property to “Previous period” and the “Relative End” to -1.


Flow will now use the previous period of this measure in your calculation expression.


Relative Range

Set the “Dependent” property to “Previous range”, “Relative Start” to -30 and the “Relative End” to 0.


Flow will now use an array of values in your calculation expression.  You will need to use this array in a Built-In or User Defined Function.


This Relative Range calculation is useful for “moving window” calculations (e.g. moving average, moving sum, etc.)


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