What Are "Locations"?

Locations are used to specify the geographical location of items within the Flow Model. This is used to extend the items’ configuration information and may be used on certain charts.

To create a new location, select the “Toolbox” tab, right-click on the “Locations” item and select New > Location.  Give the location a suitable name.




You configure a location's properties by double-clicking on the location, which opens the Location Editor.  A location has the following properties:

  • Country
This is the location’s country
  • State
This is the state in which the location is found
  • City
This is the city in which the location is found
  • Longitude
This is the longitudinal position of the location
  • Latitude
This is the latitudinal position of the location

These location properties are optional.

Now that you have defined a location, you can allocate it to a folder in your Model View, by double clicking the Folder to open the Folder Editor, and then clicking on the drop-down list for Location.  All configured Locations will be available for selection.


For more information, see How and why would I add a Location to a Model Folder?

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