What happens when I Release or Unrelease a Template?

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When a template entity (i.e. template measure, template metric, template metric folder, template folder) is released, it becomes eligible for deriving/instantiating.

Conversely, unreleasing a template entity makes it ineligible for deriving / instantiating. Any changes made to an unreleased template entity will not notify any associated entities until that template entity is released.

Releasing and unreleasing are cascaded operations – this means that any child or nested template entities will be released or unreleased along with the selected template entities.

When a template measure is modified, its version is incremented, and it is unreleased. Upon releasing the template measure, any associated measures are notified to compare their versions with that of the template measure’s version. If there is a version mismatch, the associated measure is flagged for an update, i.e. that it needs to be synchronized with its template.

Similarly, when a new template entity is added as a child to an existing entity, the version of the parent is incremented. Any associated entities will be flagged for an update, which will add (either derive/instantiate) the new child entity to them.

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