How do I Lock or Unlock properties to enforce Standardization?

In order to facilitate standardization, templates allow you to lock various properties so that changes made to these properties in the template may be propagated to any linked template or model entities.

If a property is locked in a template, one cannot make changes to the corresponding property in any linked template or model entity; until that property has been unlocked in the template.

Currently, only certain properties in template measures may be locked – locking is not possible for template metrics or template folders.

Properties that may be locked are:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Format
  • Unit
  • Projected
  • Model Attribute configuration
  • Limit configuration and properties
  • Retrieval properties

When a property is locked in a template, any linked measures will have the corresponding property set to the same value as that of the template.

Below is an example of a template measure with the Format and Unit properties locked.



If a model measure is instantiated from this template (or if another template measure is derived from this template), the Format and Unit properties will be readonly and disabled.


For templates that are derived from a template server, if communication with the template server has not been established and the template has not been refreshed after the Config tool has been opened, all properties are assumed to be locked

Therefore, before attempting to unlock any properties, the associated template server must be refreshed.

When a property is locked in a template measure, any linked template/model measures will be notified that they require updating.  Only after updating these measures will the lock be enforced and the property be overwritten with the template measure’s property value.

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