How do I create a Template?

The creation of a template is similar to the creation of a model. Template entities are created in the Templates tab.

When the Templates tab has focus (e.g. by clicking anywhere in the Templates tab area), the Flow Zone moves to the right-hand side of the Flow Config tool, indicating that it may now be used for template entity creation.

If the Flow Zone is in this location, one can create a template entity by dragging an icon from the Flow Zone onto the Templates tree.

An alternate method to create Folders, Template Folders, or Template Metrics is by right-clicking in the Templates tree and selecting the “New” option in the context menu.

Depending which template entity you right-clicked on, you will get different options in the "New" context menu:

  • If you selected a Folder, you will get the option to create another Folder or a Template Folder
  • If you selected a Template Folder, you will get the option to create another Template Folder or a Template Metric
  • If you had not selected a template entity (i.e. you right-clicked in the whitespace or root of the Templates tree), you will only get the option to create a Folder

The new template entity will be a child to the entity that you right-clicked on or, in the case of right-clicking in the root, the Folder will be created at the top level of the Templates tree.

The above ruleset also applies when creating template entities using the Flow Zone.

All template functions are administrator functions.  While any user may view the templates in the Templates tab, only an administrator can modify of template entities.  This includes creating, deriving, releasing, unreleasing, or linking of template entities.
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