What can the Flow Information Platform be used for?

Flow is typically used as a Production/Manufacturing, Performance Management and Analysis System. It is particularly useful in industrial applications because it understands industrial tag-based time-series data. It can connect to, and automatically collect data from multiple data sources, making it an ideal system for centralized reporting and data analysis.

Flow is a generic data management tool that can be used across many industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive
  • Packaging and Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Metal and Mining
  • Water and Wastewater

Within an organization, Flow can be used to track many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in various categories:

  • Safety (e.g. Lost time injuries, Incidents, etc.)
  • People (e.g. Absenteeism, Vacancies, etc.)
  • Environment (e.g. Non-compliance Incidents, etc.)
  • Quality (e.g. Product quality KPIs, etc.)
  • Production (e.g. Efficiency, OEE, etc.)
  • Wastage (e.g. Product losses, etc.)
  • Water Usage (e.g. Water usage ratio, Water usage cost, etc.)
  • Energy Usage (e.g. Electricity reticulation, Gas usage, Coal usage, etc.)


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