What data sources can I connect to?

Data Source will be a source of raw data for Flow to process (Historians, Databases, Cloud, etc.) and Consumers will be external systems that wants to utilize Flow data (ERP, BI Tools, Databases, etc.)

For the latest information, see Retrieving Data into Flow

Data Sources

Before you can start retrieving data into your Flow model, you will need to connect your Flow System to one or more data sources. Now Flow has standard Data Source connectors that can be used to connect to most of the possible sources of data that one might encounter on a production facility.

The concept of these connectors is that they are built with a ”module” Architecture.  Some of the components can be updated by importing the latest releases of a module.  All data sources are pre-fixed with “DS” (DS- Data Source) and consumers with “DC” (DC-Data Consumer).

Why is this important to you?  If Flow Software releases a new Data Source type in the future, you would be able to add that new module and be able to use the new Data Source without needing to reinstall your Flow System.



Select the “Data Integration” tab at the bottom of the Information Model on the right hand side …

The “Data Integration” panel is split into two sections, Data Sources and Data Consumers

Data Sources

At the top, all configured Data Sources or Data Consumers are listed.  By default, a new Flow System will not have any Data Sources or Data Consumers configured.  

To configure a new Data Source, right-click on the “Data Sources” item, select “New”, and then select from the types of Data Sources that are available in the context menu.  

Data Consumers are configured similarly, by right-clicking on the “Data Consumers” item.

By default, a new Flow System will have the following Data Source types available:

Flow Software

  • Simulator


  • Historian

Inductive Automation

  • Historian


  • SQL Server
  • Excel


  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL Database


  • PostgreSQL Database


  • Historian
  • 2017 Historian
  • InTouch .lgx files
  • Wonderware Online


  • Metering Online
  • Web services


  • OPCHDA Historian
  • OPCHDA UA Historian

The Simulator is used for demonstration and training purposes.

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