Why should I use the Flow information Platform?

If you, or your users need information to make decisions, are getting stuck in the IT funnel or have spreadsheet spaghetti (left hand diagram below), then Flow may be a good solution for your Digital Transformation journey (right hand diagram below).



A production facility may have several data sources (e.g. SQL databases, Tag Historians, Cloud/IoT web-services) or even the need for manual data entry. Unfortunately, the people who need information from these data sources do not necessarily have the skills to get that information (i.e. build charts, dashboards). These are the people on the outside of the “box”, the people stuck in the “IT funnel” waiting for someone to build them a report. The unintended consequences of the IT funnel include:

  • “Spreadsheet Spaghetti”
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Lack of IT governance
  • Frustrated decision makers

With the Flow Information Platform, the “box” is extended to include at least some of these people by giving them a tool that allows them to easily build their own KPIs, reports, charts and dashboards. Some immediate benefits include:

  • Short time to decision making value
  • Adherence to IT governance
  • Extend the reach of quality information
  • Self-service capability
  • Information management experts

Flow makes it easier for people to see and understand their data, to empower them to get the information they need to make better decisions, more frequently.

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