What are the installation prerequisites?

Flow 5.x.x Installation Notes:


  1. From version 5.0.0 upwards, Flow no longer supports deployment of SSRS Reports. All reports will be migrated to the Flow Server.
  2. From version 5.0.0 upwards, Flow no longer supports external client access via Database views. All clients will need to be updated to use the Flow Server Data API. Alternatively, the new Flow Integration Engine can be used to push data into a separate custom SQL database for continued external client access.

Before installation:

  1. Make sure .Net 4.7.1 or higher is installed
  2. Make sure .Net Core 2.1 or higher is installed (.Net Core 3.x not supported as yet) 
  3. Make sure KB2999226 is installed
  4. Make sure a Microsoft SQL instance is available to host the Flow Database
  5. Make sure you have Windows authentication enabled on the SQL server and you have an Administrative Windows account to be used for the Bootstrap server and that has SQL access.
  6. Restart your server

# If this is a Flow upgrade from 4.x:
4. Undeploy all components using existing Flow Config
5. Stop the Flow Bootstrap Service
6. Make a note of the Administrative user that is used to run the Flow Bootstrap Service
7. Perform a Database backup

1. Run the Flow.msi installer

After Installation:
1. Set the Flow Bootstrap Service logon details to an Administrative user

If this was a Flow upgrade from 4.x:
2. Open Flow Config, select your Flow instance, connect and then accept the migration process when prompted
3. Deploy all components

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