Using the Flow Server

When opening the Flow Server in a browser, you are presented with the following:

Notice the following:

  • Index Page – click this link to open the Index / Menu for the Flow System. The Index displays the Dashboards and Reports in alphabetical order.



    • Hide Index – click here to close the Index / Menu
    • Refresh Index – click here to refresh the Index / Menu contents
    • Favorite – if you are signed in, click here to favorite a report or dashboard. After refreshing, all favorites are moved to the top of the menu
    • Show Usage – click here to display a chart indicating the frequency of use
    • Show More – if you are not signed in, the menu will only show the top few items. Click “Show more” to display all items.
  • Pop Out – when hovering your mouse over a dashboard panel, notice the “pop out” button. Click the “pop out” button to open the panel in a separate browser tab.
  • Sign In – signing in allows you to view reports and dashboards that you have access to. It also allows you to set/remove your favorite reports and dashboards.  Click here to sign in using your Windows user account:



Report drilldown

Some report types (e.g. Time based table report) allow drilling down into measure values. Using the “Filler 1 Hourly Report” example above, click on the one of the “Filler 1 Efficiency” values:

An overlay popup displays information about the measure and its value.  In this example, the calculation expression is provided, along with the values of the calculation dependants.

Click the “Comment” tab allows for the entry of comments, questions, etc.

Clicking on the report item opens a chart overlay.  This can be configured as either a line or a bar chart in the report configuration.



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