Flow 3.1 Release Notes

This section is ordered by Release Date.

3.1.1 Full Release | Build

Released: March 30, 2016

Version 3.1.1 improves Engine performance and fixes a few Engine bugs:


  • Improved Event and related time slice monitor logic.
  • Fixed an issue relating to the processing of Measures with more than offset.
  • Fixed an issue relating to the processing of pending Measures.


  • Added ability to Export and Import the Flow Configuration.
  • Added ability to deploy model folders recursively.
  • Added ability to assign multiple Enumeration Ordinals to a single description.
  • Fixed an issue where the diagnostic trend and grid hid data when more than one offset present.

3.1.0 Full Release | Build

Released: March 4, 2016

Version 3.1.0 introduces a number of performance and feature enhancements. The following provides an overview of these new features:


  • Improved Config Tool load times for large systems.
  • Improved Flow Server report and dashboard rendering.

Security Features

  • Added ability to control access to Reports and Dashboards.
  • Added ability to control access to data entry Forms.

Flow Report Server

  • Added user authentication and report access control.
  • Added additional report types (e.g. Scatter Plot, Gantt Chart, etc.)
  • Added features to table reports (e.g. Landscape vs. Portrait view, Export to CSV, etc.)
  • Added ability to enter measure value comments on reports.
  • Enhanced Menu functionality, allowing users to "favorite" their reports and dashboards
  • Added report and dashboard usage logging for System Administrators


  • Added "Custom Expression" to the data source connectors.  This functionality adds to the standard Aggregation methods by allowing for custom calculations, lookups, "wide queries" and data manipulations to be performed on the source data.


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