Create an Enumeration

Before you configure your new Event any further, let’s discuss Flow Enumerations. An Enumeration is a set of ordinals that map integer values to string values. Think of Enumerations as “Lookups”. For example, in your Historian, you have an integer tag called “FL001.Product”. Locate this tag and open it …

Zoom out to view a day or two of detailed data. You will notice the “FL001.Product” tag value changes between 0 and 4. 0 represents an “Idle” state for the Filler, but 1 to 4 represent the various products or brands that your Juice Factory produces:

     1 = Apple
     2 = Grape
     3 = Orange
     4 = Raspberry

Let’s create a Flow Enumeration for the Filler Product. Select the “Toolbox” tab, right-click on “Enumerations” and click “New”, “Enumeration”. Name your new Enumeration “Filler Product”, and open its editor …

In the “Ordinals” section, right-click and select “New”. Flow will create a new ordinal for the integer value 1. Let’s discuss the Ordinal’s properties:

  • Ordinal – this is the integer value that Flow associates with the ordinal’s string “Value”.
  • Value – this is the string value that is mapped by Flow for the ordinal.
  • Color – this is the color associated with the ordinal. The color will be used for reporting purposes. The color is defined as a hexadecimal color code (see for color palettes).
  • Description – this is the ordinal’s description.

Set Ordinal 1’s “Value” to “Apple”.

Now add 3 more ordinals for “Grape”, “Orange” and “Raspberry”.

We are going to use this Enumeration to create an Event Attribute in the next lab.

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