Create a Measure Limit

Now that you have a simple report and dashboard, let’s use some visualization best-practice (page 7) and indicate an “out of limit” value using color.

Flow allows you to set up one or more limit definitions. These limits can be used for various functions (i.e. targets not achieved, data validation checking, bonus target achieved, etc.)

In the Flow “Toolbox”, right-click on “Limits” and select “New”, “Limit”. Name the new limit “Site Target”. Open the new limit’s editor …

You will notice the only thing that can be edited on the limit is the “High”, “Low” and “Target” colors that will be used in the reports.

Add the Limit to a Measure

Open the “Steam Temperature (˚C)” measure from the Model View. Now that the “Site Target” limit has been defined, you will notice a new section called “Limits” in the measure editor. Expand this “Limits” section, right-click and select “Add Limit”, “Site Target”. Alternatively, you can drag the “Site Target” limit into the measure’s “Limits” definition.

Right-click the “Site Target” and click “Add Instance” …

The instance of a Limit is defined as a Date and Time from which the Limit is valid. Additional instances of this Limit can be added, as long as they have a different Date and Time. This mechanism provides the ability to change Limits over time, but not lose the ability to backfill a measure to a time when a different Limit was used.

The instance of the Limit in the Measure is where you will define your Target, High and Low values. Flow will evaluate each value retrieved or calculated for the Measure against the High and Low values. If the High and/or Low values are exceeded, an “exception” will be generated. The Target value is used for reporting only.

For this “Steam Temperature (˚C)” measure, set the Target to 94.5, set the Low to 94.5, and set the High to 101.0. If Flow detects any values below 94.5 (i.e. the Low setting) or any values above 101.0 (i.e. the High setting), an exception will be generated.

A High or Low setting can be left blank to exclude it from being evaluated.

Right-click the Limit instance and select “Backfill”. Flow will start evaluating existing summary values for this measure.

Add the Limit to a Report Measure

In the background, Flow flags a measure’s values when they exceed a limit. In order to “see” these exceptions, you will need to configure the measure on a report to “show” this Limit’s exceptions. Open the “Engineering Hourly Report”, expand the “Boiler” section and select the “Steam Temperature (˚C)” measure. Update its “Limit” property to “Site Target” …

Now open your “Engineering Dashboard” from the “Deployment” View …

Notice the High and Low colors coming through on the report. Notice the Target displayed as well.

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